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Child Custody

When a relationship that has children in it ends, trying times often follow, along with even more difficult decisions.  Custody of children is often one of the more problematic things for parents to agree upon, and can lead to hurt feelings, lack of communication and ultimately a law suit.  Our office has the experience, knowledge and patience to help you resolve even the most hard-fought custody battle.

The office of Jorge Lopez Law, P.C. is ready to help ensure that you are prepared for the most challenging experiences a parent can go through.  Our office also understands that each parent wants what is best for their children.  Unfortunately, both parents do not always see eye to eye on what “the best” means.  Resolving a custody issue requires a wholistic approach to the case.  It is important that you are able to resolve the suit in a way that is the healthiest option for you and your children.  The office of Jorge Lopez Law, P.C. is an experienced attorney’s office near you that is ready to talk with you about your case, contact us now (linked to contact page/phone number dial on mobile).

What to expect in a custody (suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship) case?

Texas “custody law” can be complicated and confusing.  First of all, there is no actual “custody” in Texas law.  Instead, the state uses “conservatorship” in various forms to designate which parent has certain rights and obligations for their children.  Each individual right and obligation seem simple enough to understand, but knowing how all of them interact with each other and what impact they could have on you or your child’s life can be a puzzling.  This is why you need an experienced attorney near you, to counsel and prepare you for the changes that are coming your way.

Absent some “silver bullets” there are several presumptions the law makes with regard to children.  First, that each parent should have the same rights and obligations with regard to their children.  Second, that each parent should have about the same amount of time with their child.  Third, that each parent has an obligation to support their child.  However, within these presumptions there are more intricate considerations to be made – either by the parties in an agreement, or by a judge hearing your case.

Visitation in Texas?

Who normally gets visitation in Texas?  The answer to this question is relatively easy to answer, but not always simple to determine.  In Texas each parent has the right to spend time (about an equal amount of time) with their children.  This is called possession and access, and is normally formatted around a Standard Possession Order (SPO).  However, one parent will have the right to determine the primary residence of the child.  That right is what people normally call primary custody.  It is important to know what all of these different terms actually mean for your real-world case.  Let our experienced visitation attorney help you, contact us to talk about child visitation.

At the office of Jorge Lopez Law, P.C., our convenient office locations ensure that you always have an experienced child custody attorney near you.  The office has helped hundreds of families resolve their cases in any number of creative ways.  Let our knowledge of the courts and judges in our service area, our experience in hundreds of custody cases, and our compassionate approach to these emotional cases allow you to Live Your Best Life.

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