If you have been injured in a motor vehicle or big truck accident, call the office of Jorge Lopez Law.  We fight to ensure that you and your loved ones can find the peace of mind that comes after a serious motor vehicle or big truck accident.  Our lawyers can help you recover monetary damages that you be entitled to, as a result of negligent drivers.

Houston and Baytown have some of the busiest roads in the state, if not country.  Interstate 10, Texas State Highway 225, Interstate 45 and Texas State Highway 146 are all freeways that we are familiar with.  Unfortunately, familiarity does not always equal safety.  Thousands if not tens of thousands of vehicles, including many commercial trucks and 18-wheelers, travel these highways.  One read text message, one Facebook post, one Youtube video being watched can be the difference between your safe commute, and a serious or even life-threatening injury.

Who is Responsible for the Car Accident?

There may be many different causes of motor vehicle accidents in Houston and Baytown.  You need an experienced car accident lawyer near you, to properly investigate, evaluate, and guide your case to the best possible outcome.

Sometimes a driver acting negligently is wholly responsible for the car wreck.  Driving while drunk, at dangerously high or low speeds, failing to follow proper driving precautions, texting while driving, and many others reasons can cause car crashes on our roads.  These situations all require an experienced personal injury attorney to help guide you through Texas courts so that you can receive the compensation you deserve.

Big Truck Accidents

In the Houston area, and in particular Baytown, commercial and business transportation form a large portion of the traffic on our roads.  Many people in our area are victims of 18-wheeler accidents.  Unfortunately, these types of accidents can cause serious injuries to the drivers involved, as well as any passengers.  Tragically, these accidents can also lead to the death of a loved one.

What to do After a Car Accident

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, your first priority should be your safety and the safety of everyone else around you. If anyone is injured, try to avoid moving your vehicle or the injured person until first responders arrive. If you suffered injuries always make sure to seek the medical treatment.  It can often times be difficult to know whether you were a little “dinged up” or if you were seriously injured.  The adrenaline of being in a car wreck – or any serious accident – can make it difficult for you to know whether you have been injured.  Always make sure to have a medical professional evaluate you for injuries – even if you think it was “nothing serious”.  If you make any statements to anyone, always be sure to be honest, take note of who the statement was made to, and as best as possible, what you said. If you can, make sure to get the information for any other driver that was involved in the accident, as well as any witnesses, first responders and passengers in your vehicle.  Do not let anyone try to force you into not calling the police for a report, or not giving you insurance information.  As soon as you are stable enough, you should contact an attorney to preserve as much of the documents, pictures, statements and records as possible, as this may be vital to your claim. Jorge Lopez Law, has the experience and resources to help through this difficult time. We aggressively pursue your claim so that you can focus on the details of getting your life back together.  Let Jorge Lopez Law help you Live Your Best Life.

No Up-Front Attorney’s Fees

The experienced car wreck lawyers at Jorge Lopez Law are near you right now.  We will help you thoroughly assess and protect any claim that you may have. There is never a fee for a consultation, and we don’t get paid, unless the insurance company pays you.

Contact a Baytown Car Wreck Lawyer

Your claim is important to you, and therefore, important to us.  We will use every resource available to us to ensure that your claim is aggressively pursued. Our lawyers have the knowledge it takes to go in front of a judge or jury on your behalf. Your ability to rest easy at night, and provide financially for you and your family may depend on you contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer near you. If the driver that caused the accident had no insurance, you may still receive compensation for your injuries.  Don’t wait, contact the experienced car accident attorneys at Jorge Lopez Law near you.


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